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             XGS- A Barge Maker, A Pontoon Constructor, A Ship Builder         

Taizhou Xing-Gang Shipyard (XGS), locates to the lower reaches of Yangtze River and closely next to National Power Plant. XGS enjoys a deep water area, strong and safety bank of Yangtze River, which makes the location an ideal place for shipbuilding.


XGS was founded in the year of 2000 and covers an area of 102000 square meters with a coastline of 300m and the depth of 340m. The shipyard is divided into 4 slipways of dimension: 56M X 300M of first slipway, 48M x 200M of second slipway, 35M x 280M of third slipway,48M x 240M of fourth slipway and a block fabrication workshop of dimension 40M x 260M.


Equipment and facilities for shipbuilding include 1gantry crane of 50T and 100T on the first building slipway,1 gantry crane of 40 T on the second building slipway, 1 gantry of 40 T +40T in the third building slipway ,1 gantry crane of 40T+40T on the fourth building slipway,prefabrication workshop around 2800M2 with 10T gantry crane , 2 mobile cranes of 25 Ton, 2 forklifts of 5 Ton, 1 oil compressor of 500 Ton,1 oil compressor of 800Ton,1 plate sheering machine of 200mm, more than 400 sets of welding machines,6 sets of semi-automatic cutting machine, 1 set of numerical control automatic cutting machine and full sets of equipment for cold processing. XGS employs kinds of professional technicians with number of more than 20,the number of workers now working at XGS is more than 400 most of which are skilled.

The following domestic vessels have been built:18000T bulk cargo carrier646TEU coastal container ship800T coastal crane vessel6000T oil tanker400 passenger/40 vehicle channel ferry and various kinds of bulk carrier. The foreign vessels have been built as follows:250feet\300feet\330feet deck barge from Singapore,68m\76m\85m deck cargo barge from South Korea,90m multi-purpose vessel and 3000T MPV from the Netherlands2400m3 self-propelled hopper barge from Singapore.


Always adhering to the policy of ‘FOR SHIP & FOR FRIENDSHIP’, XGS will offer all his merits to clients both at home and abroad.